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Angelica Barrow

Angelica’s works are based on Caribbean Landscapes portrayed by the use of vivid colours, in an abstract expressionist style. They evoke feelings of peace and sometimes rapture and encourage the viewer to alternatively consider the meaning and significance of natural forms and how they symbolically reference our inner scape. Her landscapes depict man’s spiritual and emotional interaction and expression of his surroundings. Angelica’s mature style is semi-abstract exploring the capacity of light to dramatize and invigorate space and exploit the poetic potential of the art form. Angelica works mostly in acrylic and oils with highly textured interludes of sand, glass beads and papers.

“Angelica Barrow has been painting landscapes all her life. River, forest, bamboo, vine and coconut palm are the phrases in her early pictures.  Now she paints the light and colour in the spaces between tree and rock.”

Pat Ganase, Landscape as Language, Trinidad Guardian 2005

Barrow graduated from the University of the West Indies in 1974 with an honours degree in Literature and Linguistics.  In the 80’s she returned to pursue a degree in Visual Arts and upon graduation was employed as a part time lecturer at the Creative Arts Centre.  In 1995she left to take up a position at her Alma Mater Bishop Anstey High School where she assumed responsibility for the Creative Arts department.

For 11 years Mrs. Barrow has prepared students for external examinations in Art and Design with outstanding success.  She has exhibited her students work at The Gallery 1,2,3,4, at the school’s annual exhibitions and biannually at the ‘Women in Art’ competition where “Bishops” girls have excelled, winning the Leroy Clarke El Tucuche Award for best student’s work for three consecutive exhibitions. She has held four solo exhibitions and three joint exhibitions, with her daughter Marielle, most notably at the Central Bank, Nassau, Bahamas in 2005.